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Academic orders
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Discounted licenses are available for academic, student and not-for-profit users, all others should use commercial pricing

Academic pricing is available to members of degree awarding institutions only, carrying out non-profit making work.
In order to receive an educational discount, you will need to place the order using a purchase order displaying the University's name, or request that the product be sent to a University address.
Occasionally you may be requested to supply your University ID to verify your eligibility for the academic discount.
Conducting research alone does not qualify for an academic discount.

The 12 month Origin Pro Student expiring license is available for student's personal purchase and use on their personally owned PC at a dramatically reduced price. It's available to undergraduate and post graduate students of degree granting academic institutions in the UK and Ireland.
If the University are funding the purchase or the software it to be run on a university owned PC then the student license is not applicable and a regular academic license must be purchased.
Verification of student status is required in order to purchase this type of license, a scanned copy of a student ID card or a letter from Supervisor will suffice. Whatever ID is provided, it's important it displays that the ID is currently valid.
The license gives the owner the right to install one copy of the product on one computer only. Each license can only be purchased in our online store & is time-limited to 12 months. After this time it will expire and a new license must be purchased.
Technical Support is limited to installation and license management issues. Software version upgrades are included for the term of the Student License.
Orders must be placed on-line (no purchase orders) and a legible copy of the Student ID card must be emailed to
Be sure to mention in the comments box at the end of the order how ID has been sent. Do not place your order until ID has been sent.
After receipt of your order, your ID is sent to OriginLab in the States for validation. The license is normally issued within 1-2 working days and you will then receive an email with your Origin serial number and download link.
We can only supply student licenses to those studying at UK or Ireland Universities.

Not for profit prices are available to Government and other non-commercial organisations who are not working for profit and who are not carrying out work funded by a profit making organisation.
If a commercial organisation is funding the purchase, then commercial pricing must be used.

Any order for use not covered in one of the above.

For any items not listed please email us at
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